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After a really hectic day have you ever not washed your face before going to bed & woken up with a lot of breakouts?


Have you ever eaten junk , hell of chocolates fries & had your skin flare out with acne in couple of days??

Well..who hasn’t?

Added to all this is the pollution we face in our daily routine & get hit with acne breakouts and skin disorders.

There’s a serious relationship between our skin and body and that’s interdependent.

It’s necessary to understand the foundation to healthy & radiant skin starts on the inside.

Our skin is the largest & fastest growing organ of our body & it accounts for about 6 to 10 percent of our body weight. All the cells in our body require Nutrition, Hydration, Oxygen & Detoxification to flourish.

What we apply over our skin is equally important to as what we put in our body or what we consume.

With this in mind, healthy skin can be achieved by being Optimistic & making thoughtful choices between our mind, body & soul.

Along with this one needs to pay attention to some more factors that can contribute to healthy skin which includes


When we say hydration what comes into our mind is water & why not?

Hydration refers to increase in water content.

In relation with skin care, hydration means increasing water level in our skin cells which results in healthy & glowing skin.

How do we hydrate our skin?


Drinking plenty of water will definitely help, but our skin is the last organ to absorb hydration.

Along with drinking a lot of water, Aloe vera as well as moisturizers are some ingredients to keep our skin hydrated.

Just after cleansing your face apply some aloe vera gel or a moisturizer over your skin regularly & within 2 weeks you can feel your skin to be hydrated, than before.. plumpy, healthy & super soft!


There are several sunscreen myths like

  • Sunscreen is not always necessary.
  • Sunscreen will prevent body from absorbing vitamin D.
  • Sunscreen works better than covering up.
  • One application of sunscreen lasts all day.

Well NO!

Sunscreen is a must have all day, every day!

Modern sunscreens are highly developed & provide immense protection to skin than ever before.

Understanding sunscreen myths require basic knowledge of UV A & UV B light.

Both of them are (UV) light that affects skin on exposure.


UV A light has a larger wave that penetrates into the thickest layer of skin called as dermis that can cause Aging, Wrinkles, & suppressed immune system.

UV B rays have shorter wave & mostly responsible for Sunburn.

Applying sunscreen everyday is as necessary as taking a shower.

Using a good sunscreen becomes very important as it protects skin against largest range of UV light.

Other most important factor is Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Sunscreens should be with an SPF of 15 or higher even on cloudy days.

Also, application of sunscreen doesn’t last for entire day long.

It breakdowns in light & loses its effectiveness over a period of time.

One should apply a sunscreen every 4-5 hours at least.

Using a sunscreen should be made a habit even if one is not exposed much to the sun.

  1. Exfoliation of skin

There are dead cells on our face having clogged pores which oftenly leads to acne, blackheads , whiteheads making skin rough and dull.

Exfoliating our skin is an important factor which leads to supple and soft glowing skin.


Choosing a mild scrub can help improve complexion and get rid of dull skin.

It’s the easiest way for detoxifying skin from outside.

Scrubbing must be done 2-3 times a week.Apply a scrub and gently cleanse your face .

Do not Scrub daily as it can lead to even dry skin.


Exercise is as necessary as consuming food.

We often tend to eat junk to satisfy our craving towards fries, burgers, pizzas & what not, but we forget that our body needs exercise.

Exercise sounds boring right?

It can be made interesting too..

How about Dancing & being fit?

Sounds interesting yeah!

Dancing is one of the best workouts like Aerobics, Zumba, Belly Dancing.

Swimming is the best exercise that’ll help to lose weight, gain body and mind co-ordination, improves Asthma, tones muscles & guess what?

It slows down aging. What else do we want??

Jogging is an excellent way to be fit and live longer. Jogging has to be done in a right way

Warm up is extremely important to start jogging or any exercise .

Wearing right shoes.

Setting a goal.

Start slowly.

Land softly.

Jogging regularly may lead to boosting of stamina, Anxiety remains at bay, fights Diabetes, burn calories + weight loss & also lowers depression.

So why are we waiting to exercise when we have such interesting & amazing options.


For a healthy skin it’s compulsory that we eat good.

Instead of having junk, focus more on having fruits.

Fruits like Apples, bananas, pomegranates.


Sweet lemons & Oranges are best for bright complexion and flawless skin as it’s rich in vitamin C .

Adding Dal & pulses in everyday routine will improve your digestion keeping body clean inside out.

After all “Good food is Good mood”


Yes sleep is a major factor that helps have a flawless skin.

In our daily hustle we often avoid resting which affects our body directly making us feel & look dull.

In order to look fresh & feel fresh one needs to take good amount of sleep.

Sleep is food for our brain, body & skin & if we don’t get it enough we get deprived of nourishment adding to scary dark circles.

So to avoid these trouble take good 7-8 hours of sleep to stay fresh & young.


Last but not the least Your ATTITUDE!

Being Optimistic is vital for healthy and a beautiful skin.

Every difficulty in life has a solution so why stress yourself??

All you should do is think beautiful & stay beautiful.

After all, ”What you feel inside, reflects outside”.

Trust Me…If you follow these tips, your skin will definitely Thank You!