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L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza 01 Profound Black Review..

Hello my beauties, hope you all are doing well..

When in doubt wing it out, that’s what we do right?? So for that perfect wing we definitely need a best eyeliner.. well today ill be sharing a review with you guys of one of my favorite eye liner and that is the L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza in the shade 01 profound black. Who doesn’t love deep black eyeliner that stays all day long?? I am sure we all do. So, to get a detailed review on the same, keep reading 🙂

Product: L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza


L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza

Availability: http://www.nykaa.com , any cosmetic stores

Price: INR 800 (Nykaa has amazing offer on L’Oreal products. I bought it for 400 INR)

Shade: 01 Profound Black. It is a deep black colored eye liner and has a satin finish ❤

Product Description:

36H long hold water proof eyeliner has Intense color result, intense line, dramatic eye look, water proof, smudge proof resists sweat, sebum & tears (funny :D). Super smooth gel texture, easy gliding on eyes, easy to use, quick dry formula, easy to remove with makeup remover.

Packaging: It comes in a black and golden cardboard packaging which has all the details printed on it.On the inside there is this super classy transparent cute little glass jar  with a golden screw lid which has the brand’s name on it the best part is the brush that comes along. It is a high precision brush which helps the eye liner glide beautifully.

img20181216131217 (1)

Packaging of L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza


img20181216131730 (1)

Ingredients of L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza

My take on L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza:

I am more of a mascara person than of an eyeliner one but i tell you girls this is the best eye liner among all the previous ones I’ve used. I always prefer gel eyeliner over pen eye liners because they are very easy for application and the quantity of application can be adjusted as per need and i love that. Firstly pigment of the product.. it has an amazing pigment and it has a buttery texture and has a smooth satin finish, there is a brush that comes along. I love quality of the brush it also has a plastic tiny cover for hygiene purpose, it is soft and you can literally paint your eyelids in different styles by using it. The product is water proof, smudge proof and literally stays all day long. I also use it as a kajal, any kajal that i apply easily smudges no matter which brand it is but hands down i love this eye liner to be applied as a kajal it doesn’t smudge at all and gives that super amazing eye look all day long and it dries up super quick so no mess at all. I totally trust and adore this tiny product. Overall it offers a clean look when applied. I give it a 10/10.


Swatch of  L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza

Pros of L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza:

  1. excellent pigmentation
  2. Buttery texture
  3. smudgeproof & Waterproof
  4. beautifully long-lasting
  5. rich satin like finish
  6. easy application
  7. extremely travel friendly
  8. comes with a liner brush
  9. brush has a cover
  10. quick dry formula

Cons of L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Gel Intenza:

None! Except for the price but, nykaa.com is for the rescue ❤

Do i recommend it?

100% YES!!

Rating: 10/10

That’s all for today’s review. Hope it helped you guys. See you until next time ❤